Sep 12, 2008


1]Have u woke up next to stranger?

2] Luv someone but they didnt luv u back?
penah aje,die da ade awek..wawawa!

3]Ever wasted your time on someone, who didnt appreciate it?
x pasan lak..hui3!

4]Have children?
anak sedare ramai la..hehe

5]Are you married?
not yet! tp da gtl nak kawen..wahaha!

6]Do u like someone from your myspace friends?
sowg..spe la ni kan?haha

7]Ever slept with anyone of your myspace friends?
pnh..gurl ok!

8]Hiding any secrets?
ade,ade,ade...nak thu?haha

9]Are u angry with someone right now?
x,x bek mara2..cewah! :p

10]Ever played strip poker?
ape pny soalan da..

11]If u had to choose 1 of your myspace friends to mess around with, who would it be?
nnt la pilih..

12]Whats your favorite position?
striker..yo2 or je! haha

13]Any new positions would u like to try?
dlm bas,dok sblh driver..ok! :p

14]Do u like using fruit or ice cream or neither?
sume balon je..nyum3

15]Whats ur opionion on a golden shower?

16]Are u single, taken or not sure?
not sure??ahaks! :p

17]Ever drank to much and did something u were not suppose to?
haram woii! haha

18]Whats the funniest thing that has happend to u?
byk sgt, bru2 ni kot..wat silap atas pnts!haha..lwk3

19]Whats the worst thing that has happened to u?
nta la..x sure..

20]If u could change one thing in your life what would it be?
nak tuka otak ngn bill gates..wah3!

21]Ever gone skiing?
x pnh rase salji pon..waa!

22]Whats ur fav. color?
purple and black

23]If u could pick any kind of car u wanted..what would it be?
keta sorong..sng nak angkut brg.haha

24]Would u date outside your race?
x pnh.takot!haha

25]Whats ur fav. food?
mcm2 la..hehe!

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