May 29, 2009

tagged dr Fahmi.

Once you are tagged,
Answer all the questions honestly, no lying to avoid stuff.

Starting time: 10.38 pm.
Name: pggl saje Rafiqa
Sisters: ade,sister kuase due
Brothers: ade,brother saje xde 's'
Eye Color: hazel,skli skle je.
Shoe size: kalo snikers 5.kalo high heels 6.
Hair: aurat,haha
Piercings: nope.
Height: 158cm (last cek mse kat shopg complex)

What are you wearing right now? t-shirt & tarack suit.
Where do you live? taman megah,dkt ngn pasar malam.
Favourite number: ape2 yg t'pk mse kat dpn kedai toto.haha
Favourite drink: ntah,aku sume pon pnh try.
Favourite month: september
Favourite day: birthday.
Favourite breakfast: tidor.haha

Have You Ever

Broken a bone: kat jap,x psti tu patah atau terkehel.haha
Been in a police car: pernah,keta ayah kwn aku.
Been on a plane: tak pernah!sedih sgt.
Been in a hot tub: pernah,kecik2,bogel2.haha
Swam in the ocean: ade kot.pstu aku jerit : 'mama,nak air kelapa!'
Fallen asleep in school: suda menjadi satu kebiasaan la kot.
Broken someone’s heart: isshh!jgn lah di igt kan.haha
Cried when someone died?: hero hindustan mati.
Fell off your chair: haha.tergelak bila teringat
Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call: xde mkne nye, baik tdo.zZzZ~
Saved e-mails: ade kot.agak2 da bosan delete jelah
Been cheated on: alah,bese la.manusia kan..cewah!

What Is

Your room like? kemas gak la,thnx kakak!haha
What is right beside you? handphone yg x bernyala.
What is the last thing you ate? cekodok pisang.

Ever Had

Chicken pox: yup!mcm leopard daa.
Sore throat: ni sakit tekak ek?
Stitches: ape lak nih?jap nak tgk dictionary
Broken nose: michael jackson pnh.tula smcm je

Do You

Believe in love at first sight? percaya kalo rase sendiri.
Like picnics: seronok.
Wear contact lenses or glasses? spek mate itam.


Who was the last person you danced with? beyonce,di dlm sehati berdansa.
Who last made you smile? Umar.
Who did you last yell at? pada diri sendiri

Random Questions

What are you listening to right now? tiada lagu dimainkan.
What did you do today? macam2.smpi badan busuk,haha
Hate someone in your family? mane bole,dose kan..
Diamond or pearl? pearl.harap2 dpt la cincin pearl mse kawen.hik3
Are you the oldest? bongsu the best!
Indoors or outdoors? dua alam.

Today did you

Talk to someone you like? ramai.pot pet pot pet
Kiss anyone? Umar!muahh!muahh!
Get sick? sakit perot lapar.
Sing? my tummy singing
Talk to an ex? ex-rabbit.kami da buat haluan masing2
Miss someone of the opposite sex? ishh!xde pon.
Eat? lom,jap agi nak mkn.

Last person who

You talked to on the phone? my sista.
Made you cry? lme da x nangis.
Went to the movies with? wa'adah.seronok!
You went to the mall with? ikot keadaan.
Texted you? nobody.waaa.~~

Have you

Been to Mexico? x penah.
Been to USA? penah mkn nasi goreng USA

Final Questions

Have a crush on someone? tiada pada masa ini.(x normal kot aku ni) hahaha.
What books are you reading right now? novel cinta kau & aku.hehe
Best feeling in the world? feeling good. :)
Future kids names? bwk b'sabo cket,haha
Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? spongebob
What’s under your bed? adekah hantu?xde xde.
Favorite sport(s)? rumah sukan.
Favorite place: rumah kami.
Who do you really hate? syaitan.
Do you have a job? baru je resign,x serasi ngn bos,haha!
What time is it now? 11.03 pm

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fahmi said...

tahniah sbb ditagged...walaupun lmbt, at least tagged la jugak kan...hehehe