Mar 3, 2011

tag dari Shuk Gojes

syarat syarat yang di beri oleh beliau :

You are required to :
1) To upload whatever picture I mean real PICTURES as many as you wanted without feeling guilty or ashamed or bad or anything
2) Play your favorite song(s) and play it out loud
3) Is up to yourselves to put the description because I believe every pictures have it own story behind it.
4) Try not to cry.
5) At the end put your own words about how you feel when doing this tag.
6) No matter who you are, you are freely can do this tag and for my followers and who's viewing, you are so much welcome to do so.
7) Thanks fellas ;)

PLAY THIS VIDEO 1st,then scroll down to ENJOY my pictures!:)

kenangan kenangan lama, aku susun ikot masa program atau memori ni berjalan *jiwang karat seyh* :p
background music - MOCCA-HAPPY!


leeya said...

aww awww~ ade pic saye laa! haha. terharu! :') :P mskipon buruk T.T

rafiqa said...

haha, mmg sengaja amek gmbr tu :p

ShukriahJasni said...

kurosnya iszee >.< hehe
thanks piqaa!

rafiqa said...

haha, tahu xpe! zaman iszee kurus :p
alamak, patot letak gmbr shuk skali laaa. hehe